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8 Best Cloud Gaming Handhelds

Winlator Staff

Today, Winlator is launching a thorough analysis of the cloud gaming handhelds of 2024, which is the benchmark. This year’s line-up features a variety of keen games to accommodate the different needs of gamers. A terrain of changing gaming consoles would mean huge industry changes with gaming becoming more exciting as new consoles are released.

With Android and Windows handheld gaming contenders paving way, cloud gaming occupied a much larger nook in gaming consoles. This element is also under constant improvement, on the side of both hardware capabilities as well as software such as game streaming platforms. Whether it is the budget-friendly dual-boot handhelds, or high-end AAA desktops, the current market has awesome options for cloud gaming and streaming your games on the move.

Yet it should be necessarily highlighted that the role of a very good internet connection would be crucial for having a smooth cloud gaming in the end. Having said that, let’s go over the criteria and discussion on the choice of the best handheld cloud gaming devices in 2024.

8. GPD Win 3 : GPD Win 3- (CPU: Core i7-1165G7) 5.5 " Handheld Win 10 PC Game  Console Mini Laptop 720P Touch Screen Tablet PC Video Game Console CPU The  i7 Processor,16GB RAM,1TB NVMe

GPD remains a prominent name as its GPD Win 3 is a noticeable addition to the lineup in portable gaming industry. Unlike most other portable Windows PCs in the market, this particular model stands out for its unusual yet memorable design, with a slide-up screen that when unveiled, shows a full keyboard similar to the blackberry phones of old time.

Having enough 2.8GHz i7 CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads (turbo boost up to 4.40GHz) and its amazing 5.5″ HD touchscreen, the GPD Win 3 will bring excellent performance for playing on the move.

Although it has an unwavering weight, this unit really has the goods and is a strong option for cloud gaming buffs.


7. Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud Handheld Gaming Console, 60% OFF

With a long-established reputation for technical innovation, Logitech, the 3rd party manufacturer, has just released; the Logitech G Cloud gaming console geared towards cloud gaming. On the other hand, the relatively fresh portable device is a clear indication of cloud-based gaming subscription services affluence.

The fact that Logitech is not a traditional player in game consoles that does not frighten their tech background which stands out with its G Cloud. This mechanism intended for cloud gaming comes with a well-built housing, multiple helpful features, and relatively long battery life.

Being having high concentration on cloud gaming thru which its internal specifications are adapted to act in video transmission with absolute smoothness.



OneXPlayer Mini (Intel i7-1195G7) Review | PCMag

THE ONEXPLAYER Mini is the flagship model in this upper-range hardware selection. The brand name ONEXPLAYER is recognized for its excellent construction and outstanding performance. This is exactly the reason why visitors patronize their gaming machines.

Though the bigger ONEXPLAYER exceeds its power needs to play in the cloud, the Minidoes all the less by way of a balancing act between detailed AAA gaming, retro emulation, and cloud gaming. The former is available in two models; 7-inch IPS screen is one of the models, it runs on an AMD Zen 3 processor.

Due to its recent launching and because of its features, the ONEXPLAYER Mini becomes a best gaming device for the cloud gamers players.

5. Anbernic RG353M

Anbernic RG353M review: metalen handheld biedt veel voor weinig

Building on its emulator-aimed brand the Anbernic is finally back with the RG353M console. The new version of RG351MP which is somehow smaller in size now offers joystick that are magnetically coupled and adds HDMI output, as it is made compatible with modern TV.

What makes the RG353M stands out in the case of cloud gaming is the fact that it has dual-boot ability and it allows both Android and also Linux systems to push the system. Analog and trigger controls total up to six of them, so they are a very versatile tool that smoothly transfers game’s control to the cloud.



The Ayaneo Air Pro is a step forward for handheld PCs | Engadget

It takes place among the AYANEO Air releases in recent times and becomes the handheld gaming PC globally, with an organic light-emitting diode screen. Consuming Ryzen 5560U powerful processor, the haptic keys of AYANEO Air can run latest AAA games and Cloud Gaming seamlessly.

It is an AYANEO Air, it can connect to the online store via Steam, for example, or use a cloud service based on streaming like Playstation Plus Cloud Streaming or Azure cloud gaming. It offers a top and impressive visual aspect.



3. Retroid Pocket 3

This Is Why I Didn't Review the Retroid Pocket 3. - YouTube

The information on Retroid Pocket 3 (2022) shows that the device received huge attention as a handheld console. Developing the Retroid Pocket 2+, the new model utilizes the same powerful NAS with the first iteration, but is styled as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The one with a proprietary controller built around Android OS is a perfect fit due to its cloud gaming capabilities, while its two analog sticks, four triggers, and top comfort-level make way for both classic and modern games.

This marvel is launched at the cost of $119 and serves as the most budget-friendly solution of cloud-gaming service.


2. AYN Odin Pro

Odin: The Ultimate Gaming Handheld | Indiegogo

The best honor possible for an AYN Odin Pro is deserved because of the top-tier gaming PC status it merits this year. An amazing breakthrough is its appealing exteriors,exquisite interior design, and affordable cost (starting from $299). It’s a multifunctional product that performs above the competition in the market.

The device is equipped with the Android OS and can therefore handle emulation of vintage games, active gaming and cloud gaming. A full-color, six-inch screen with touchscreen display is available in the device, which illustrates the LED backlight and the vibrant color choices.

Among the different entertainment devices, the AYN Odin Pro is a unique portable steamer that does not need the cloud game console to run cloud games.


1. Steam Deck

How to use the Steam Deck as a game emulator - Reviewed

The Steam Deck was arguably one of the most anticipated entry-level portable gaming PC in 2022 by the industry. Valve’s creation trumped its competitors by allowing modern AAA video game users to triumph not just on the old video game emulation.

The device may look bulky if seen from the outside, however, the device’s shape and button layout strike users as convenient and easy to hold. This one stands between $399 and up as well offers budget option to cloud gaming.

The Steam Deck’s combination of deluxe fabrication and affordability makes it the best of the cloud gaming handhelds of 2024.


As a gaming industry and technology continue develop, these handhelds come in as the cutting edge of cloud gaming technology. The current market environment will remain competitive. Therefore, gamers can predict that there will be more impressive innovation and devices that are more powerful in the future.

The Steam Deck has set the bar high and it will be really exciting to see what the next companies do to to improve it as a final result gamers will get the best possible gaming experience on mobile

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