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How to Play Pokémon Games on Your iPhone – Emulators, Apps & More

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The Pokémon games, since 1996, have made up a huge part of our life, right? They’re not just games; instead, it is an adventure all packed with creatures that we’ve come to love. And just because you might not have a Game Boy anymore, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all that fun.

Here’s some good news: Your iPhone is a treasure trove of Pokémon adventures, waiting to be unlocked. Whether you’re dying to get your hands on the most recent release of iOS or dying to bust open the Game Boy to replay classics like Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, there is a whole world of possibility out there. From useful emulators and browser apps, Pokémon goes back into your arms with great finds from the App Store. And the best part? It’s right at your fingertips for you to start catching ’em all again.

Unlocking Classic Pokémon Journeys via iPhone Emulation

An emulator installed would act as the very gateway to relive those classic Pokémon tales on your iPhone. Emulators are computer system apps that copy old video game consoles.

So, equipped with some of the best iPhone emulators, you are all prepared to chase Pokémon from platforms that extend to Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. “The newer ones, though—like the Nintendo Switch—are still going to be pretty slippery to this, thanks to processing power limits on your iPhone.”

Unfortunately, Apple App Store is emulator-repellent. But there is a host of alternative methods that can manage to allow emulators to run on your non-jailbroken device. But, that was before the coming of emulators, emulating a gaming system such that you have anything Pokémon coming with you, from gameplay, games, and other merchandise. The best emulators to have the best Pokémon gameplays on your iOS are Delta, iNDS, and the web-based Eclipse emulator. All these combined

  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS

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Most emulators live under open-source banners, making usage both cost-free and legally acceptable despite Apple’s reservations. However, the most reliable way of securing an emulator on your iPhone will require the installation of AltStore via a paired computer.

Just don’t make it sound harder than it will be with emulators. In fact, we’ve even prepared a separate guide explicitly dedicated to integrating emulators into your iPhone ecosystem.

Navigating the Terrain of Pokémon ROMs for iPhone

Once you have downloaded and successfully installed the emulator, it’s high time to make a Pokémon gameplay—a process during which you will have to get ROMs, in other words, virtual copies of games. Emulators are still free and legal, but the same cannot be said for ROMs.

If you own a game legally, sometimes you have a right to make a personal ROM backup copy. Archiving acts, however, are viewed dubiously even within the legal framework of Nintendo. Whether the games fall under an actual protection copyright shroud or not, distributing the actual ROMs is still illegal no matter where one actually manages to obtain them. Despite this, plenty of shared ROMs easily pop up in search results—although the legality of those is rather disputable.

Effortless Safari Gameplay with Game Play Color

Definitely, an online emulator is handy for those people who wish to enjoy gaming without any turmoil in setting up emulators. Of course, one among them is Game Play Color.

You will still have to go fetch ROMs for all your favorite classic Pokémon games, but Game Play Color packs together with almost pedestrian operational simplicity.

To get started with Game Play Color:

1. So, you first download ROMs of Pokémon games that you would like to play and then put them on your Google Drive.

2. Open Safari on your iPhone and navigate to the Game Play Color website.

3. Start the gameplay: Touch “play now,” and then “share,” followed by “add to home screen,” and finally, “add.”

4. You’ll now see the Game Play app icon on your Home Screen.

5. Open the app, sign in to your Google Drive account, and synchronize it using the provided access code.

6. browse where you stored ROMs in Google Drive within the app and select the Pokémon game you want to play to start having fun.

You can safari in game play color on your iPhone so easily, using simple steps, and your favorite Pokémon adventuring heroes alive.

Discover Pokémon Marvels on the App Store

While purists might still pine for the warm embrace of “true” Pokémon titles, this is absolutely essential to take the opportunity to truly appreciate the complete and full variety of Pokémon games available right now—live today on the iOS App Store.

1. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, a 2016 craze, converted augmented reality gaming, charming global audiences. This one melds Pokémon with your real-life surroundings through your iPhone’s camera.

With over 900 Pokémon to collect, gym battles to master, and encounters with Team Rocket, it brings the fires of Pokémon back to life while encouraging outdoor discovery.

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Download: Pokémon GO (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Pokémon Masters EX

Shifting focus onto the Pokémon Trainers themselves, this innovative title, with each trainer being linked to a Pokémon, offers a distinct world that operates episodically, boasting chapters and globe-trotting global events.

Pokemon Masters [Videos] - IGN

Download: Pokémon Masters EX (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest is all about the cube-style graphics and building up your perfect team of Pokemon. Strategic choice of moves and abilities takes the gameplay to further boost and brings you an interesting mixture of everything that is usual with plenty that will be new.

Top 5 tips for playing Pokemon Quest

Download: Pokémon Quest (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE immerses you in the team-based arena battles with goals, experience to evolve your energy, and really fierce competition against wild Pokémon and other teams. Win, spend, and evolve with relentless teamwork in a fast-paced battle for control of the Pokémon arena.

Everything we know about the Pokémon Unite mobile MOBA | ONE Esports

Download: Pokémon UNITE (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep will explore the world of sleep gamification. It will require placing your iPhone under your pillow in the course of sleeping, monitoring various stats of slumber to full reports on efforts, and even greet Pokémon friends around you as you wake up.

Pokémon Sleep on the App Store

Download: Pokémon Sleep (Free, in-app purchases available)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are emulators legal?

Yes, in general, the emulators are legal in themselves. But it is where an individual downloads and uses copyrighted ROMs without the ownership of the original game, which raises eyebrows in the court.

Can I play newer Pokémon games on emulators?

In most cases, iPhone emulators are not able to support the newest consoles, as, for instance, the Nintendo Switch.

Can I share Pokémon ROMs with others?

Sharing copyrighted ROMs is illegal, regardless of how you obtained them.

How do I install emulators on my iPhone?

We have a dedicated guide explaining how to install emulators on your iPhone without jailbreaking.

Are the Pokémon games on the App Store free to play?

Most Pokémon games on the App Store are free to play with optional in-app purchases for additional content or features.

This detailed guide gives you a proper overview of how to go about Pokémon world in your iPhone. From accepting emulation on some of the classic quests and deciding to engage in the current Pokémon marvels, the iOS device will now be a door into some of the enchanting worlds teeming with Pokémon delights.

So, summon that inner Pokémon Trainer of yours and start setting out on the journey. Because be it to catch ’em all or taking interesting challenges

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