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Download Winlator

Run Windows (x86, x64) application on Android via Wine and Box86/Box64 

Winlator is an advanced Android app that seamlessly runs Windows (x86_x64) software and games. With Wine and Box86/Box64 integration, Winlator transforms Android devices, revolutionizing Windows application usage in Android devices on the go.

Free PC Games

The Winlator gives you complete control of your Windows x86 and x64 apps as well as the games which are very easy to run on Android devices for free.

Check the below links to download the latest Windows APK and how to install it on Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I load any Windows app with Winlator?

    Winlator works with a wide range of apps assembled for x86_64 assemblies. Not every app will equally work perfectly because of several reasons like hardware restriction and application complexity.

  2. Does Windows have Winlator touchscreen apps already?

    True, Winlator is capable of native touchscreen support that renders the interaction with Windows application tools effortless and fluent.

  3. Is Winlator usable without charge?

    Certainly, Winlator as an open-source application is free to download and use.

  4. What does the whole process of installing and configuring Winlator look like?

    The process of putting in the equipment is easy. After Winlator APK download and OBB file you need to implement step by step instructions included in our Winlator Setup Guide.